Lukas's museum


The Museum of Lukas is an educational and private cultural space and not-for-profit, created under the guise of Renzo Pecchenino Foundation, which since 1991 saves, conserves, researches and exposes an important collection of original works by the cartoonist, illustrator and chronicler Renzo Pecchenino, Lukas.

From 2014 the museum has begun a process of updating aimed to improve its handling, spaces, and samples; and with the objective of becoming a space with a solid museum proposal. It has also initiated a process of professionalization in their areas of: And Education Extension - Conservation and Documentation – Design and Promotion currently, its main objectives are to: - Report on the life of Renzo Pecchenino and his work in the written press, books, and programs of television, over 30 globally that govern artistic career.

We show his work to through temporary and permanent exhibitions, making it possible to generate a reflection in visitors about the drawing and illustration as a means of artistic expression which gives an account of the reality of a epoch and lets you get closer to the history, literature and chronic press to local, national and international levels.

Generate spaces of reflection, through talks, meetings and workshops, based on the figure of Lukas, history, art and heritage - be a space to house the work of other artists related to the drawing and illustration.



Collect the work of Lukas and iconography, bibliographical and publications related to his person, keep it in proper conditions technics, classifying them and disseminate it to the fullest extent possible. With a proposal that would allow an attractive museum view to those who visit us, and have an amusing experience and meaningful learning. Expand the access to the cultural manifestations in Valparaíso, establishing a platform for amusement and training, through a diverse program, favoring the development of a reflective awareness and criticism. As a meeting place for cultural and social initiatives; facilitating dialogs on relevant issues connected to the events in the city. To generate interest by other cultural institutions, national and international universities and/or museums to participate, support and establish working alliances in the area of the arts and culture in general.


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