Renzo Pechenino Raggi

Italian – Chilean Designer, Illustrator and chronicler

He was born in Ottone, Italy on May 29, 1934 and he died in Valparaiso, Chile on February 7, 1988.

He was an accurate and skilled observer. He spent time watching people's behavior and how it reflected their particular idiosyncrasy. He was also interested in what was happening in the country and abroad.

He studied architecture in the Catholic University and since 1958 he worked as an illustrator in different newspapers, journals and magazines. He was part of different newspapers staffs like La Unión (Valparaíso), El Mercurio (Valparaíso and Santiago), La Estrella (Valparaíso), La Segunda (Santiago), and El Observador (Quillota).For them, he prepared some unique material special for every edition. In 1981 he started a new phase in his work.


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Cerro Concepción, Paseo Gervasoni 448, Valparaíso / (56)(32) 2221344 / (08) 2095928